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Our Services

Product Co Development

If you have an idea involving information systems, we have the means to convert that idea into reality. 

Product Development is a combination of subject matter expertise in Business, Information Systems Engineering,  Psychology, Consumer Behavior,  Application Life Cycle Management and Human Resource Management.

In addition to subject matter expertise experience with Product Co-Development across different domains is an essential skill to have.

The UXL Team brings to you an essential bundle of knowledge and experience to help U X L !

Video Content Analysis - Intelligence - Analytics

If you are in the business of retail you must leverage the power of smart video cameras and related video content analysis, intelligence and analytics.

Security is often considered an 'Overhead'.  Smart Cameras and their capabilities can reduce the expenses involved in security and increase the power at your disposal.

The UXL team of experts is here to help you magnify your return on investments in retail and security.

Application Life Cycle Management

Application Life Cycle Management  is much more than just writing code.  The application needs to be managed in all phases of its existence.

Managing requirements, design, development, training, implementation, support and change management is our core competence.  This is something we have been doing for over twenty years.