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My Rapid Notes

Read this note only if you have a problem in implementation of Salesforce CRM.  Did we catch your attention ?

There are more failed implementations of enterprise business applications than successful ones.  This is primarily because adoption, which is preceeded by acceptance, is often an afterthought. 

Sales Managers are an extremely busy lot of people.  They cary tremendous responsibilities that comes with related stress.  Asking such professionals to update sales related data, at the end of an exhausting work day,  is not likely to yield results.  This is the problem that My Rapid Notes addresses.

Sales Managers have micro moments which they can use to update Salesforce.  In an elevator, in between telephone calls, in the train - micro moments that they can use to capture essential business information that will help them sell better. 

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Statutory Compliance Management and successful companies go together. 

Ensuring compliances of statutory regulations, whether internal or external, contributes immensely to business success.  CTECH is an application that helps you:

(a) Define what needs to be done, who is to do it and how.
(b) Monitor the progress of compliances.
(c) Analyize progress and ensure continuous improvement.
(d) Be ready for compliance audits at any time.

CTECH resides in the Cloud with a mobile application to support it.   Your managers in the field or at their desks can use CTECH to almost effortlessly ensure compliance.