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About Us

90 % Psychology , 10% Technology - this is what it takes to design, develop, deploy, implement and get a return on investment on any business application.

Very often, organizations assume that developing business solutions is a technology challenge - it is not.  Success lies in 'Adoption' and 'Adoption' depends on 'Acceptance' and 'Acceptance' is where the challenge is.

 'People - Process  - Technology' - in that order is the principle.  The difficult part is to apply this principle effectively.

The UXL Team brings  decades of experience in helping businesses use information technology to their advantage.   

The first thing we do is to help the project sponsor understand the 'Human' aspect of success in their environment.  Every business environment is unique.  Only a thorough understanding of the 'Ground Realities' from a business, people, problem, process, expected solution and adoption challenges will yield results.

Winning a project is not where we focus on in any engagement, helping the Client Excel is the priority.  We are here to help U X L.

Goverdhan Jayaram
Founder and CEO
 Business Application Development veteran.

Specializes in the use of business applications to deliver strategic, tactical and operational value to stakeholders.
Leads a team of software engineers based in the USA and India.

A graduate of the National Defence Academy and  a former Major in the Indian Army.

David Taber
Adviser - Salesforce Guru
Author of the best seller "Salesforce.com - Secrets of Success'.
Expert advice in using Salesforce.com CRM to get the best results in Marketing, Sales and Customer Services.  Very practical and workable solutions based on years of experience.
David is also a lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Garth Rose
Adviser - Executive Coach - Marketing and Sales process expert
Garth has been the President & CEO of a venture-backed software startup, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for several companies, and has spent years “in the trenches” selling, managing sales & marketing, and streamlining lead generation, sales quotas, sales territories etc.  His background makes him a strong sales and management consultant as he can quickly spot the issues, and can focus on solutions that work.

Chris Rohland
Adviser - Executive Coach - Marketing and Sales process expert
Chris over 24 years of experience in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing. As a successful media and sales Executive, he is a leader in the launch and growth of a number of publications and companies across the country.
Chris is  a 2002 graduate of the prestigious Leadership Las Vegas program and a 2009 Graduate of the Boston Future Leaders Program through the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.